Kwik Sew 3506 #2

June 28th, 2013 - 


The whole reason I’m sewing so hard these days is because this guy:


…wanted a shirt. A western shirt. Like a cool little cowboy.

This is the first shirt I made him:


Long-sleeved with pearl snaps, I used Kwik Sew pattern 3506 for these projects. The pattern worked out completely, except for the arms, which were too long, so I adjusted those, and the sleeves, which Adam says are too full.

My dad tried it on though, and he liked it just fine:


Now I’m making him a shirt too.

Found this green Carhartt fabric at SR Harris fabric outlet in Brooklyn Park, MN, and knew it would be perfect for him:


He lives in a cold-weather climate and this fabric is very durable and warm. Uninterested in having the contrast color up top, Dad’s shirt will be all green. He also wants it a bit longer than Adam’s, so it’s easier to tuck in.

I feel like I really hit home with this shirt, even though you can probably detect a few issues.


I intuited how to add the piping details and they turned out real nice.

One thing I didn’t have when I made the last shirt is my serger, which helped speed up this project quite a bit, when the serger was cooperating.

And look at these snaps! The color all-metal snaps are SO MUCH better than the pearl snaps, which broke constantly under the pressure of the tool designed to attach them.


What a lucky boy. Only now he wants me to make him some kind of crazy western shirt, with a huge detailed cowl.

Having trouble finding a pattern for that right now, but soon!

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