How To: Covered Headband

October 22nd, 2013 - 

I’m getting married on Saturday!

I’ve made my own dress, so I’ll post about that later.

When I bought the fabric at SR Harris I was brand new to sewing, so I had no idea how much to buy for a full-length gown. I was also concerned I would fail and have to re-make large portions — so I got 10 yards!! Still cheaper than buying a new dress, and more personal, but that’s a lot of fabric I have now to deal with.

photo 2(1)

Which is why, when thinking about the kind of hair piece I wanted, I decided to cover a headband with my dress fabric and go all matchy-matchy. Here’s how I went about it:

  1. I found a hard plastic headband that was already covered. I wanted to see how “the professionals” did it. What I found was that most of the fabric had been glued in place. I decided I would sew mine instead.
  2. It was important that the headband not have teeth, it needed to be flat and smooth. The teeth wouldn’t do any good covered up by a silky fabric — it would have just been too bulky.
  3. I traced the headband on some paper (laid it flat and traced both sides while I rolled and stretched it along) and added .25″ seam allowance.
  4. I made a muslin and it was too small — .25″ seam allowance was not enough to account for the surface area along the edge of the headband.
  5. I cut one piece with a .25″ seam allowance (the underside) and one piece with a .375″ seam allowance (the top side) on the grainline (not on the bias).
  6. I matched the edges on one side and both ear pieces and machine stitched those areas with right sides facing using a .25″ seam allownace
  7. I trimmed down the seam allowance and snipped along the ear pieces, then turned it out, slipped the ear pieces of the headband into their holes — a nice tight fit!
  8. I stretched the top fabric around the headband to its underside, folded over the bottom fabric (trimmed it a bit first, maybe .25″ — due to stretch) and hand stitched it along the seam, using this method, making sure that the seam line fed along the bottom of the headband (not along the edge of the headband), and was hidden.
    photo 1
  9. DONE! The “pretty” machine stitching will go in the front and the hand stitching in the back. An enamel flower tie clip (I think that’s what it is) will finish the look.
    photo 3

Going in for my hair trial tonight!


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