Memories of Sewing in 2013

December 30th, 2013 - 


I returned to sewing this year with high hopes. I have exited 2013 with not much I’m proud of, but a lot of good experience.

Top 5 garments include:

dress1 1012997_10103300426590590_781480540_n bachelorettedress1 IMG_3267 photo(22)

  1. Wedding dress
    – Might have liked a smoother hem line from front to back, but otherwise no complaints
  2. Adam’s second western shirt
    – Nice colors, looks good, well-loved, highly complimented
  3. Honeymoon shift dress
    – I wear this often with a cardigan, but don’t much like it without one
  4. Wiksten Tova
    – This shrunk and I grew, unwearable now, but loved in its time
  5. Pair of booties (unblogged)
    – Given to my mother-in-law for X-Mas, handmade leather foot bed, good color/fabric selection, stash-buster, and real cute

A message for me in the future:

  • Fabric bought on the internet could be see-through, ergo pain. Try not to buy it
  • There is muslin fabric to be had at every thrift store, cheap. Buy it. You now have no excuse to avoid making a muslin
  • Learning to embroider will make you want to buy an embroidery machine. Do not do this. Everything you want in an embroidery machine is $1000+ and you will never find it cheaper EVER
  • Figure out what RTW styles look good on you and search for patterns that match these styles
  • Stop making shift dresses, they look horrible on you
  • Spend time fitting one pattern in each category that you will actually wear and make them many times over
    – Leggings
    – Panties
    – Sleepwear
    – Pants
    – Cardigan
    – Fun dress
    – Work dress
    – Jacket
  • Please lose weight, you have gained too much weight, it is becoming difficult to fit you
  • Buy nice fashion fabric in-person that looks good with your skin tone
  • Stop buying fabric without a plan
  • Use your stash
  • Thin your pattern collection
  • You do not need another Craftsy class
  • When your wearable muslin does not fit, adapt the pattern and move on. Stop trying to edit the muslin. Just donate it if it’s nice. That’s someone’s size as-is and when you toy with it you always ruin it
  • Every four items you make for yourself, make something for him or a friend
  • Make one child’s pattern before buying any more children’s patterns, you are not even pregnant
  • You were right, quilting cotton does not look good in a garment, still avoid
  • If you finish the edge of your quilt, you will have a quilt, instead of a pile. Apply this wisdom to all areas of life
  • Continue to challenge yourself

2014 Goals:

  • Make a jacket
    – Minoru with existing canvas
    – Trace and remake favorite RTW coat
  • Test a new western shirt pattern for Adam
  • Make something from each Burda magazine
  • Finish both knitting projects from 4+ years ago
  • Make the window drape you planned to make for the kitchen
  • Make one vintage dress from a vintage pattern
  • Find at least one TNT pattern
  • Meet another who sews, attempt friendship
  • Make shorts
  • Finish and mail Dad’s shirt
  • Make Mom a cardigan
  • Create better fitting garments
  • Make better color and fabric selections

Overall, as a sewer, I feel very confident going into 2014. I’ve had a lot of missteps, not all of them blogged, but my think muscle is stronger for it, and I feel like I’ll see a lot of improvement next year.

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  1. Ma says:

    Have you searched for “free clothing patterns”. Maybe those sites can help you thin your collection. Happiest of New Year’s !

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