Thoughts Before Vacation

August 3rd, 2015 - 

Major thoughts right now:

  1. Maternity leave
  2. My hair
  3. Our vacation
  4. Preparing for baby
  5. Money

1. Maternity leave

I just learned that I can take 12 weeks off for my maternity leave, without having to take *too* many unpaid vacation days. So insanely happy.

2. My hair

I got my hair professionally bleached and dyed a few weeks ago. Even though the color came out very pretty, it wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted pastel peach and I got a shocking pink that I was told would mute into peach. Well, it kind of did, except the back of my head is still pink! So I’ve been trying to wash out the color so I could use this new oVertone product I bought. It rules, it totally came out right, this is the world’s greatest company, but I think I might want to mix it with pastel pink for a more flattering shade. I’m just not totally sure that peach is a good color for me after all. Too bad, but oVertone is amazing, has a ton of color options, is *way* cheaper than the salon (and far nicer/more accurate) and now I will probably never stop trying their shades. MAYBE I WILL OMBRE. WHO KNOWS.


Side note: do all selfies look kind of creepy or just the ones I take?

3. Our vacation

We’re leaving for vacation in a few days! Going to Tennessee! Going to see Graceland, eat lots of BBQ, spend one magical night at the Peabody Hotel with the ducks, and just get out of town — which is all I really need. AND getting to spend time with Adam will be awesome, it’s tough to find time these days! We’re always doing work, which isn’t as great as just hanging out. So glad that we’re able to do this.

Also, Lauren Winzer will be in Nashville at the same time we are WHICH IS A BIG DEAL. Really wish I could try and get a tattoo from her but I’m pregnant so… I would just be so honored to run into her. She is a real hero of mine.

4. Preparing for baby

We’ve already done so much work to prepare for the baby but if it came tomorrow we would still be pretty screwed.

Major achievements:

  • Bedroom moved downstairs
  • New bedroom painted
  • Baby room painted
  • Two new dressers purchased and built
  • Chipped most of the fallen branches and pulled weeds/laid mulch around the hostas (looks damn good)
  • Fan in bathroom fixed
  • Downstairs light fixed
  • Outdoor water leak fixed
  • Bathroom shower situation resolved, new shower head in place

To do:

  • Accent wallpaper in baby room
  • Scrape and re-paint bathroom ceiling
  • Clean out and organize garage
  • Steam clean the carpet
  • Get baby stuff not picked up in registry (this is a stressful process, waiting until the last minute to find out what you have to buy)
  • Major cleaning
  • Baby-proofing
  • Sign up for classes
  • Write a birth plan
  • Prepare mentally for the biggest life change ever
  • Get rid of discarded furniture taking space in garage
  • Get a second car
  • Write a plan to distribute my work while I’m gone
  • Get rid of electric organ

5. Money

We’re showing the Airstream again this week and I just really hope it sells soon. It would be a relief not having to deal with it anymore and having the money would be nice too. I’m sad we didn’t get to live our dream, but hopefully someday we’ll just get a new Airstream and not have to deal with a major rehab project.

I got into a craft show for a new product I’m making, so there’s some money tied up in that and I’m getting stressed about it. It’s a lot of work to make the new product and it’s unclear if anyone will even like it or want to buy it. It’s scalable and would really be great if it picked up and provided me any extra income down the road, but right now I have zero reason to be confident about that, so I’m mostly just trying to get ahead on the work and make it as fun as possible. Hopefully I make my table back is all. I applied for a second show in early November too. I’m hoping that two shows will help determine what’s good/working and what’s not with this new venture. Still not selling on Etsy yet. Don’t have enough made.

I think we’re going to need a new car soon, before the baby comes. Adam’s car is paid off in February so we’re looking at two car payments for a few months. It’s doable but kind of stressful. Finding a car is kind of crazy too. I’ve convinced myself I need an electric car, so there’s that.

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