October 21st, 2015 - 

These are some milestones in life that I am looking forward to:

  • Meeting my daughter
  • Paying off my house
  • Celebrating a major anniversary with my husband
  • Retiring
  • Returning to Disneyland

I think about paying off my house a lot, like that’s the golden ticket to Happy Town. Sometimes I think if we hadn’t gotten pregnant this year I would have liked working a second job for the holidays to make “mortgage money” specifically to pay off the house as quickly as possible. The thought of making mortgage payments until we’re 60 sounds like a sad trombone. We don’t even have the world’s biggest mortgage payment, but I still only feel comfortable making small additional payments each month because we have so many outstanding house projects we need to save for (roof, fence, tree removal) so at this rate we’re only saving ourselves 4 months of payments down the road. It’s not nothing, but I’d love to do better!

I think the major goal is to get our monthly costs low enough that one or both of us can work part-time. Wish we could achieve that while we’re still raising kids!

One month to go before she could literally be born any minute…AH!

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