October 26th, 2015 - 

The hardest part of the pregnancy so far has been deciding on a name.

I’m 35 weeks right now and we’re not entirely on the same page when it comes to naming our daughter.

I obsess about it daily. I want her to have a good name!

Today is our two year anniversary. We don’t remember how we spent the day on our first anniversary, but we did take a trip to LA in early October that year to celebrate, and that was totally memorable! Loved that trip. Tonight we’re going to Manny’s for steaks right after our appointment with the midwife, where we’ll get to hear the baby’s heartbeat again. What a difference two years make! Can’t believe how changed our lives already are, and how much they’ll change even more very soon.

This morning we woke up in bed with our two little dogs, in our house. We just celebrated the one year anniversary of adopting Minnie and next year we’ll have a nearly one year old daughter. It’s so amazing. I’m so excited and lucky and happy.

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