Lazy AF

November 16th, 2015 - 


I have entered a new phase of my pregnancy which is Lazy AF. Most of the heavy lifting was done before November, intentionally, to give us ample time before our due date to a) enjoy each other one last time b) enjoy relative peace one last time c) welcome the baby early, if that is what it’s into.

Yet to do:

  • Prepare the guest room (Dad’s coming in a few weeks)
  • Pack the delivery bag
  • Install the car seat
  • Receive the glider and get that in place (it’s been purchased, just no idea when it’s arriving)
  • General clean up of house
  • Open/inspect/clean used baby stuff (pack and play, car seat, baby tub, some toys, stroller)
  • Sanitize baby chew toys (is it okay that I call them this?)
  • Sew the curtains (found some IKEA curtains that work for our track system but they need to be sewn together to work, and hemmed…ANNOYING)
  • Name the baby (THIS IS A WHOLE THING)
  • Remove Halloween decorations from yard
  • Rake (UGH yah right)

Doing instead:

  • Napping with dogs
  • Playing Civilization (board game, and on the iPad)
  • Catching up with favorite sitcoms
  • Driving to Wisconsin for BBQ

Baby is engaged at zero, and has been for a few weeks. Her back is facing my left side and her little legs and arms are facing my right side. When she has the hiccups, it is the worst thing I have ever felt inside of me. When she kicks, it’s kind of cute and I can watch my belly move and that’s cool. I am convinced she is going to be born this week, but that’s just because now is when it would be most convenient for me and I’m sick of watching my stretch marks grow.

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Lately our dogs have been very naughty. It started with Ripley being aggressive during meals and trying to eat Minnie’s food. So we had to watch them. Then Ripley and Minnie both started wolfing down their food too fast, to protect their share, and barfing from it, so we had to buy them special bowls. Ripley still gets into Minnie’s space sometimes, but it’s a lot better.

The worst is that, in the past few weeks, Ripley has been very angry with Minnie if she catches her snuggling with one of us. After breakfast, both dogs hop back into bed with me for a bit and Adam goes to work, but Ripley likes to nose around the house a bit, looking for trouble, whereas Minnie just likes to come straight to bed and start napping. This has started to drive Ripley’s jealousy and she starts fighting with Minnie when she gets to bed, slightly more than play fighting, and with little respect for me. This makes Minnie very defensive and a little uneasy, and it’s making me nervous too. We remembered our puppy play time training recently, and have started to pull them apart and keep Ripley on her side until she calms down. But today on the couch while trying to pull them apart I got a bit of Ripley’s bite on my arm, which left a mark. Kind of concerning, in any case, but particularly concerning when we’re about to bring a baby home.

I read about it and it’s possibly my fault, too, which is annoying. I obviously want to have my baby and I realize I may have been preferring Minnie a bit because of it, since she is adorable and pint-sized. I took her to work with me one day and Ripley’s outbursts really started happening after that. SO. I guess I wasn’t respecting their hierarchy and we’re trying to correct that now. Adam’s going to start taking Ripley on some special walks and we’ve both been trying to engage her more. Still, *kind of* worried about bringing baby home, being exhausted, etc. And we really haven’t really committed to how we’re going to sleep them, either. If we can keep them in the bed or need to find another solution. This is chief among things I totally don’t want to think about right now. :/

I also have laundry the dryer I don’t want to fold, and dishes in the washer I don’t want to put away, and I wanted water for at least an hour but waited for Adam to come home and bring it to me from the kitchen. I am full on Lazy AF.

Perhaps partially impacted by the fact I had a huge itching spell on Friday night and a little bit on Saturday, and my baby is low and all movement is challenging or slightly painful, so I don’t want to push myself too far. Keeping my legs shaved and wearing cotton seems to help the itching, but basically I don’t want to stress myself out over anything right now, just in case, so I am committing to not thinking about things, for better or worse. Surely I did enough worrying and prepping for the last 9 months I can coast a little bit now…?…?…?

I did take the dogs to get their holiday photos taken today, rewarded them with a little dog park time, stopped at Walgreen’s for some delivery bag supplies (which remain unpacked with everything else but at least I have it!) and got some dinner. So, little victories. But mostly I just want to lay around and watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine for infinity.

If it’s true what they say about nesting, I’ll know when the baby’s about to be born because I’ll have a sudden urge to do…anything.

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